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ADHD Is Not a Four Letter Word: Nutritionist & Mom Hails ADHD a 'Gift' - Sharing Drug-Free Treatment Strategies in New Book


Written by Karen Ryan, ‘ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word’ has a bold message for parents and carers of those with the disorder – ditch the drugs, explore the many drug-free treatment options and celebrate ADHD as the gift it is. Ryan’s new book, written in a direct and jargon-free style, is poised to resonate with readers around the world.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Aside from being a season and respected Nutritionist, Canadian Karen Ryan’s biggest pride is being the mother of a boy with ADHD. However, while many view the disorder as a negative challenge, Ryan embraced all of the gifts ADHD afforded her son and is now urging other parents to adopt the same positive approach.

In her ground-breaking new book, Ryan shares all that makes up this gift, while offering an abundance of drug-free strategies through which a child’s true creativity and character can shine.


‘ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word: Drug Free Strategies for the Gift that is ADHD’ is a no nonsense book that has been put together to help those who live with children and teens with ADHD. No scientific jargon, just easy, everyday strategies to help.

As the author explains, her own family’s experiences with medication brought side-effects that were worse than ADHD’s core symptoms.

“My son was diagnosed aged seven and, after listening to our Family Doctor, we opted to put him on stimulant medication. After a few failed attempts with various drugs our son become suicidal, while still just a child. My experience as a Nutritionist told me that there was something very wrong with this approach and I decided to take hold of the situation,” says Ryan.

Continuing, “There are many facets to the disorder and therefore no one-size-fits-all solution. My diligent research found that our experiences with drugs were commonplace and that there were many other treatments options available ranging from improved nutrition and the intake of supplements to behavioral support and education. My book outlines the many side effects of ADHD medications and introduces alternative drug-free treatments.”

Ryan’s book also places a huge focus on the hidden gifts of ADHD.

“Forget and challenge the negative stigma – now! ADHD has been responsible for some of the greatest minds in history and any child with the disorder can learn to utilize these many gifts of above-average intelligence and endless creativity. I want people to realize that taking a pill is not going to solve the issues – it will only mask them. It’s time to embrace ADHD and turn it into a positive – because that is what it is,” she adds.

Parents of those with ADHD are also urged to connect with ‘The ADDvocates’, Ryan’s renowned support group that suggests drug-free treatments and extends help and support to families at all stages of a child’s development.

For more information on the group, visit:

‘ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word: Drug Free Strategies for the Gift that is ADHD’ is due for release in the spring. The book’s latest news and developments can be followed on Facebook:

About the Author:  Karen Ryan


Karen is a mother of two whose background is primarily food services, but, over the years, and through extensive education in nutrition and food science, works in both clinical and personal nutrition, focussing on increasing better levels of nutrition amongst all people, especially children. Karen works as an ADHD coach and as a behaviour interventionist working with all levels of school aged children.

Karen is an active member of Children and Adults Against Drugging America - Vancouver Chapter (CHAADA), Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) and the Pacific Society of Nutrition Management (PSNM) and works not only as an ADHD coach, but also a nutrition manager with various health authorities in the lower mainland and independently as a personal nutrition consultant.



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