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everyday ADDvice focuses on key issues highlighting common areas of concern as asked by our readers. We will strive to help children, youth, adults, parents, teachers and coaches by providing strategies for success and offer information on various related topics for better ADHD health and wellness.


everyday ADDvice hopes to grow with our readers and provide information not only on ADHD, but learning disabilities, mental wellness and comorbidity.  everyday ADDvice will provide the much needed resources so desperately needed across Canada to help improve the lives of each and every reader.


everyday ADDvice is Canada's first online ADHD magazine, available by subscription only.  First issue due for release in October 2016 so keep your eyes peeled!




everyday ADDvice

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'everyday ADDvice' is Karen's newest project which has brought a team of pediatricians, naturopaths, clinical and holistic nutritionists, mental health nurses, clinical psychologists, education specialists, ADHD coaches, yoga therapists and registered clinical counselors togother to provide Canadians with an immeasurable amount of information and resources on ADHD. The passion of the magazine is fierce and the objective is to help Canadians from the furthest corner of the Maritimes to the tip of British Columbia … and beyond.