ADHD Is Not a Four Letter Word: Drug Free Strategies for Managing the Gift that is ADHD  is Karen's first book but not her last.  The inspiration for this book stemmed from an incident several years ago when her son was diagnosed with ADHD and was subject to various ADHD medications, both of the stimulant kind and non-stimulant kind.  After a horrifying ordeal that could have potentially resulted in the loss of her son, Karen dove into an immeasurable amount of research and found that because ADHD has several characteristics, it requires various approaches to treating it.  Karen found that the negative side effects of ADHD medications outweighed any positive effects and found that with some lifestyle changes and patience, ADHD can, in fact, be treated without the use of medication.  ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word will help any parent with simple changes in nutrition, support in school, routine and several other factors in a way that will ensure success.

ADHD Is Not a Four Letter Word:  
Drug Free Strategies for Managing the Gift that is ADHD 


978-1-4602-3932-2 (Hardcover)

978-1-4602-3933-9 (Paperback)

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In addition to writing, Karen Ryan is also the founder of The ADDvocates, an organization that aims at raising awareness about ADHD.  Some of its services include:


  • ADHD Coaching

  • Executive Function Coaching

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Information Sessions

  • One on One Consulting

  • Nutritional Assessments, Nutrition Consulting and Menu Planning


The ADDvocates approaches ADHD in a natural way.  Important topics that are addressed are:


  • What is ADHD and what it is not.

  • How ADHD is typically treated.

  • The effects and side effects of stimulant and non-stimulant medication.

  • A drug free approach to treating ADHD 

  • The benefits of proper nutrition and supplements.

  • What ADHD looks like in the home, work and at school.


The ADDvocates was founded in 2010 to promote natural coping strategies for ADHD that do not include the mainstream medications that can potentially be lethal to children, adolescents and adults.  The ADDvocates is now one of Vancouver’s main voices for those who are affected by ADHD.