ADHD Is Not a Four Letter Word: Drug Free Strategies for Managing the Gift that is ADHD



There are many different sides to ADHD and therefore no one-size-fits-all solution. Unlock the door to managing ADHD with better nutrition, improved behavioral support, and targeted education. And take back the reins without relying on dangerous medications and subjecting your child to their adverse effects. Thriving with ADHD is possible—and the secrets to making it happen are all right here in this comprehensive guide.​

What People Are Saying


I finally had a chance to read "ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word" - it is pure genius! I love all the information and the message is so simple. It also gave me a different perspective as a teacher. Thank you for writing it.

N. Yim


Fantastic reference book and a must have for any parent with a child or teen with ADHD. I like the fact that it was written by a nutritionist and a parent of an ADHD child so there is very little scientific jargon. Great tips on everything from sleep to nutrition to where to find support (and tons of tips). The non-medicinal route is a win-win as well as we have had horrible experiences with ADHD medication. Invaluable on so many levels.



In this thoughtful book, the author tells you how to educate and support children with ADHD using strategies that deal with behavior management, routine and diet. It should be the “go-to” book for parents addressing the confusion surrounding and managing ADHD.

Dr. Frank, Pediatrician


Karen delivers a powerful testimony in the introduction that is a MUST READ for any parent of a child diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Her experience nearly made me cry, and has renewed my personal mission to rid the world of such dangerous medications. Her simple and commonsense approach is easy to understand and should be the Gold standard for parents that want to help their children achieve success while keeping them safe from heart breaking side effects. Keep up the good work Karen!

Jason Edwards, Senior Vice President of Sales, NuAxon Bio Science Inc.


Karen is very credible, passionate and committed to the subject. Easy to read, no jargon and engaging story-telling format. An interesting book whether or not you are directly affected by ADD or ADHD.



A beautifully written, heart warming and informative book. I’ve passed it on to everyone I know who works with children with ADHD.
David F. - Teacher, Independent School, Vancouver BC